January 2017


APCS Semester 1 Final Project

Live Project

# Botto Progress Status License

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🤖botto🤖 is an easy-to-setup framework that allows you to communicate with various devices (think IoT!) through channels like discord, fb messenger, and slack. It attempts to leave a minimal footprint in terms of core functionality, and has been developed with the power user in mind. botto can:

  • get greetings
  • run terminal commands
  • understand human input (nlp, to-do)
  • extend capabilities with plugins (somewhat done)
  • encrypt your mnf.botto file to prevent credential stealing (Bcrypt + AES)


botto is created by Edmond and Jonathan Wong, respectively. It is licensed under the MIT license. All respecting third party programs included in this repository are distributed under their own licenses. Website: hackthe.tech/botto



Our program has been tested with Java 8, and has not had any further testing on lower Java versions. It is safe to assume that it will probably be extremely buggy with older java versions, and throw many errors, so do so at your own risk. TLDR: Don't use a Java version lower than 8 unless you're desperate.

In addition, if you want to use the discord functionality, please also have Chrome installed. Our program currently ships with only ChromeDriver and GhostDriver, and GhostDriver (PhantomJS) lacks some key ES6 bindings for it to work with Discord.

We don't have platform detection for Linux so it is recommended to not use Linux as your OS for running this program as of now.


$ git clone https://github.com/Edmond120/finalProject.git
$ java Botto # You're all set!


Follow the guided prompt to create your mnf.botto file, storing your credentials. When doing this, you may want to create an external account on one of the platforms to act as the bot, as talking to yourself can be quite boring (although we support it, for you privacy-minded individuals). After doing that run $ java Botto [program]


Plugin development is currently in the works! Please check back later.


We currently make use of some awesome third-party libraries. These include selenium webdriver, jBCrypt, Encryption (which includes a Base64 class from the Android Open Source Project under the Apache License), apache commons fileutils, and apache opennlp. As noted above, these are distributed under their own respective licenses.

Bugs we're aware of

We've got a long list. If you want to see our development please ask us to join our asana board.

Note to teacher grading:

  • we have some weird messages that pop up
  • if you run discord in phantomjs it crashes due to GhostDriver's lack of key ES6 browser bindings
  • there is plausibility that the user does many dumb things that will result in generic selenium error messages that kind of diagnose it, but don't really due to a large umbrella
  • plugins do not work, although they are in the repository, due to difficulty with the discord platform's support of newlines
  • slack has not been implemented yet
  • despite nlp being in the repo, and trained data possibly being in the repo, plugins took away that time, so no nlp

Discord Commands

  • hi shows that Botto can get your username
  • say (insert word here, add a \ before each space) Botto sends said word
  • -time shows that Botto can get the timestamp
  • -profilePicCheck shows that Botto can get your profile pic, this is not actually used for identification
  • -getDiscriminator gets the discriminator(a number to identify people with the same username)
  • -term (insert terminal command here) same thing a terminal works, cd, and terminal commands that require user input are not supported at the moment due to some bugs. also, terminal commands that print over 2000 characters also don't work because discord has a message size limit
  • -break exits the main loop, ends the program

Contributing / Pull Requests

We have an open policy regarding issues and pull requests! Please make sure that your issue has not been addressed already in some sort of FAQ page or closed issue, and give us a good reason to merge your pull request.